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Thursday, 24th November 2005



Shit's going down at work. My fulltimer is leaving, I'm getting a new one on monday though! Should be good. He's a good mate and he's worked here before. Shit, he *even* reads this blog... LOL! Should make for a fun and entertaining work environment. I'm going to miss my old full timer though, he's a champion. Very funny too. Ah well. He's going to "a better place" where pay is abundant and hours are slightly fewer. FSKING JB HIFI! Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

Tuesday, 22nd November 2005

A descent storm and I haven't got my bloody lightning release made yet. I haven't decided wether to use solar panels or a PhotoDarlington Pair. Both seem plausable but I think the solar panel may be a bit slow. hissyfit

Saturday, 19th November 2005


Not much happening today. I probably should be catching up on sleep.

I added some more smilies:


7:40 PM Update.

Short down-time. I have built the server up now to it's final arrangement. It has a cover now and the Hard Drive is screwed in =) It's now in 'hopefully don't have to touch again' mode  now. Mail is still broken, although permissions and stuff are right the mail isn't being delivered where it needs to be. Gallery is now working agian. I can upload images. I also added 5 more DVDs to the DVD section.

I removed the original 6.5 gig drive from the server. It was a really early 7200 RPM drive. Pretty fast for it's time. A Seagate Medalist Pro 6530. Gold goes to this drive thisevening for HEAT! I nearly dropped it, it was THAT hot. 

Friday, 18th November 2005


Jees! No updates since the 6th! I'm getting slack. First with laziness then with technical failure. Damn, 2 weeks.

Well it's almost the weekend now! I had a hectic day. Very tired, I tried to keep myself busy so I would stay awake. I managed to work my butt off and to stay awake, I got  a lot done at work. Tidied the stock room and it looks bloody terrific now. The last 3 days have been nastily late nights - I decided to install Ubuntu Linux. That part was easy. Installing and configuring the various services seems to be the very tricky part. At least as of now, WWW, FTP, SQL, DNS all work how they are supposed to, POP3 is up but doesn't work properly. Bugger it, it's not that important right now!

The port of the website was incredibly easy. I was very surprised. Since MySQL uses data files for it's database, I just FTP'd them up and restarted MySQL - BAM! all good. As for the website, that was a bit trickier. I had to upload the whole lot then adjust all the config files for Geeklog and Gallery so they didn't use the "C:directorydirectory" structure and used the "/var/asd/directory" structure. That was easy. The site looked pretty shit, no CSS - why? DNS was broken, there was a direct link with a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) for the CSS file in the config, so it was looking for "HTTP://" but it couldn't work out where was. DNS is fine as of about 4PM today, so now it works.

FTP had a little tiff with me, I forgot to add my username to the group that was allowed to access the FTP server - dropped me as soon as I connected and entered my username... I ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

That's one thing I am really impressed with Ubuntu/Debian. You can get a package down off  the net and 9/10 it will work straight up - it's awesome. All you need to do is "apt-get install <package>". It will get the package off the net and install it. If you have it installed already it will download the newer version if there is one. Awesome. This is very, very stream-lined. It's been so long since I have had only a console to communicate with a box. I didn't install the GUI at all - yes, I'm hardcore Tongue2

Tomorrow's Project: Fix the fscking mail server! 

Teething Problems... Sorted


Teething Problems... are pretty much sorted now. I have the Website and Database up as well as Gallery. The Mail daemon is up but it's putting mail in a different place to where it's looking when I try to retrieve it. It's gotta be somewhere! Oh well. I will fix that later. At least DNS is online now! I fixed that this afternoon. Only one warning on It took some tweaking and a number of reloads of, but I have it set nicely now. Only thing that is wrong, serving my own DNS - not such a boggle but I have two Nameservers, both on the same connection so I get a warning on the 'name servers on separate class C networks' part.



Massive downtime. Windows update single headedly killed my server system. I tried to repair it in the morning and again in the afternoon, but it was fair Borked. Tonight, I tried to fix it. Still dead. At least the website data survived.

Big Upgrade! I have now moved to a distribution of Linux to see how it goes. I’m sure it will work great, as that’s primarily what Linux is designed for - being a server...

I had a couple of distributions on DVD from a PC User Mag and decided to take the plunge. I also took advantage of the down-time to upgrade the hard drive from its impressive 6 GBs of epic power to 40 GB! OMG! =P

I chose Ubuntu Linux, it seems to have the most updates + support... I just need to get all the stuff that I require on there and configured! FTP Server, HTTP Server, SSH Server, Mail Server etc etc etc…

Sunday, 06th November 2005


Ah! The weekend at last!

Breaky with bacon and eggs twice! Awesome! Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Toast mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Also trying to get this crap to work...: Here

Tuesday, 01st November 2005

Work. An exciting 8 hour meeting at Head Office today. <sarcasm> yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! </sarcasm>

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