Archives January 2019

Tuesday, 29th January 2019 - 17:03:19


I built some storage bins by recycling some MDF packaging.

Sunday, 27th January 2019 - 08:56:22


Tried out a new water bath setup for slow cooking ribs. They turned out fantastic! The ribs sit on mesh trays which are sitting on baking trays with water in them.

Friday, 25th January 2019 - 16:14:23


More delicate repairs on the TDS-540

Thursday, 24th January 2019 - 21:23:05


Lasagne from scratch (including making pasta). Lots of hard work but delicious!

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 - 18:32:46


We made a shepherds pie with the leftover roast chicken and veggies. It was delicious.

Saturday, 19th January 2019 - 21:11:41


Garden light #4 failed. It looks as though I fitted a 25V cap instead of a 35V cap on the rectified AC side of the power input and it got pretty unhappy.

Monday, 14th January 2019 - 15:01:28


Started re-capping the board in the TDS-540 Oscilloscope. Hopefully this will allow it to pass the self-tests. This is a common issue with these scopes. A very tedious process though, but getting through it. The solder they used is pretty stubborn, so I've got the iron up at 350 celcius.

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