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Saturday, 1st June 2013 - 00:21:46


I've spent today hacking in some new features for the gallery. Unfortunately, not public facing. Just stuff to assist in uploading photos.

The most comprehensive change is the new photo selector and having a stockphoto (django module) photo attached to all blog posts. There was some messing about with column types and casting and alterting tables in postgres to make it play nice. The field for an article image used to be just a character varying field, it's now an integer field with a proper foreign key relationship to the stockphoto module.

In the admin section, there is now a nice jquery-ui based dialog for selecting from group to gallery to photo and updating the field. This is much better for photos because the standard django select widget is not up to the task. I mean it works fine, but you really don't want to have to choose through a list of "IMG_1235.jpg" etc etc - you really want a thumb.

Getting this custom functionality was just a matter of overriding the admin template for that app by creating an <app>/templates/<app>/<model>/change_form.html/. Secondly, the forms.Widget widget is wrapped so that we can append whatever we want in the admin section - in my case just a text box and a "browse" button. The real work is done in jquery code in the template.

Sadly, updating jquery-ui has borked a few things like tag autocompletion.