Archives April 2020

Sunday, 26th April 2020 - 17:49:01


More work on the BIAB brew stand burner. Cutouts and reinforcing on the side as well as a bar to hold up the burner.

Friday, 24th April 2020 - 18:46:08


A special treat. Crumbed cutlets. Served with mashed potatoes and a capsicum / cucumber salad.

Sunday, 12th April 2020 - 16:56:23


The kids planter box gardens are taking off like crazy. Nearly all the beetroot has sprouted.

Sunday, 12th April 2020 - 16:46:26


I've been trying to get a bunch of old games like Powerslide and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 running on Windows 10. I have this old Guillemot / Thrustmaster racing wheel with pedals which is also a pain to make work with modern Windows. Once I did finally get it working, there was an issue where the thrustmapper software was not able to reverse axis as it could previously. So I modified the pedals with a switch that allows me to reverse the gas pedal axis.

Saturday, 11th April 2020 - 17:58:51


Today I fabricated some rails to mount the gas burner on the BIAB (brew in a bag) brewing stand.

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