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I made these with RRD Tool using a piece of software called DigiTemp. It is a pretty standard Linux package that allows you to read a 1-Wire LAN using a serial port. I first had to make a serial adapter which consisted of about 4 diodes and a few resistors. I soldered these directly into the back of a 9 pin serial plug and covered them with the back-shell. I terminated this cable with an RJ45.

My 1-Wire LAN is run partially over flat phone cable and partially over CAT-5. I have two on CAT-5 running about 30 and 50 meters and two on flat phone cable, one about 150mm and the other about 10m.

Digitemp maintains the RRD (Round-Robin Data) files and I periodically generate the graphs on these files. They are updated every 5 minutes for internal viewing but are updated externally (What you see now) every hour.

The sensors I have are DS18B20. They are small. The ones that I have are the TO-92 packaged versions.

I will include some more data, circuit diagrams etc later; probably in the wiki.

Tuesday 6th April 2010 - 08:00:37


Easter long weekend was good. I made some wood bits and pieces and cleaned up a little in the house. Saturday I went and saw Mum and Dad for tea. Sunday I went and saw Brad - we sat around with some other geeks and talked computers/messed about with computers. Monday was for vegetation.

Sunday 28th March 2010 - 15:41:12


One of my side projects has kicked off at last after a bit of a rocky prototype phase - the pre-prototype (for nailing down micro controller code) is now in testing - hopefully we sell some. Having a real product that I custom engineered in a production environment at 30+ sites would be really cool.

Saturday and Sunday were very productive. Saturday I cleaned out the strip next to the driveway and swept the patio. The patio was covered in toys and sand because Liam had his little mate around and they made a mess.

Today I cleaned the side passage. Removed all the crap [All the house owners shit - tin, ute tray bits, tiles, wood scraps, window assemblies and blocks of concrete that I've pulled out of the yard]. That's taken me most of the day. I also cleared the side garden, trimmed the rose and the aloe looking spiky cactus looking plant as well. There is a crappy tree in the corner that I trimmed and removed the extra stumps around it - you can't get the mower next to it otherwise. I should have just trimmed it back a bit more - to about ground level.

Hopefully the rose at the front makes it, it produces nice fragrant red roses. The brickies that did the front fence next pushed it over. I think the trunk is broken, there are parts of the trunk that are also rotten. I put in a steel rod and its sitting on that now. I even found another rose in the garden at the side - there was just so much crap, plus before the wall, there was a low branch obscuring it. I think if the roses cark it, I'm going to disappear the garden and grow the grass up to the new brick wall. There isn't anything worth while growing in there any way - plus the tree in there has destroyed the concrete edging. Less maintenance == win.

The new fence is up at last! The brickies will be back soon (hopefully) to put a few courses of bricks under the colourbond fence. I'm very glad they're doing that, I can whiper-snip right up to the wall without damaging anything next door.

Saturday 6th March 2010 - 23:02:17


Took the kids out for dinner tonight. They behaved really well and had a great time - except when they were home and it was time to dress for bed!

Why can't I get the Disco Valley remix of Astral Projection's Ambient Galaxy out of my head?! Probably because it suckered me in by sampling one of my favorite movies (and games) Dune.

Monday 1st March 2010 - 07:37:39


A quarter of the year gone already?! What?!

The weekend was good. The kids had a great time messing around in the yard most of the weekend. I bottled my beer. While I was washing bottles (facing the neighbors yard) I saw Emmy and Liam walk past. What the hell? The fence is pretty old and some pailings had fallen off down toward the end of the yard! They wandered in there... I hope they replace these crappy fences soon, they must be 300 years old. I'm tired of fixing the damn things.

Monday 22nd February 2010 - 13:25:02


Had a great weekend. Mowed and cleaned up a bit on Saturday and went to Mum and Dads on Sunday for a BBQ where the kids tore up the veggie patch with tonka toys.

You may notice this site is now DAMN FAST... This is because it is nolonger hosted on ADSL. It's now camping out on a dedicated dual CPU box in a data centre in Sydney.

Sunday 3rd January 2010 - 17:07:42


I mostly camped out in the shed today. It was too wet for the kids to play outside. Got lots done - Finished bits and pieces on my router table. Built a push block and box joint jig for the router.

Friday 1st January 2010 - 22:43:46


We all had a great day today at Mum and Dads. We saw a lot of Family that we hadn't seen in a long while.

Dad and I also nutted out a way to retain the bolt in my router table.

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