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Thursday, 31st October 2013 - 22:40:43


Cute little "tube" amp. This is a kit from eBay that I purchased from an Australian Seller just as a PCB.

Sunday, 27th October 2013 - 09:24:04


Definitely don't put Coke in the Coke machine, that would be stupid... =/

Sunday, 10th October 2013 - 08:49:45

Suspend All The cPanel Accounts

Don't you love the smell of spam in the morning...

Friday, 25th October 2013 - 13:47:27


Bottling day today.

Thursday, 24th October 2013 - 11:04:19


Element 14 order arrived with 300V capable SOT-23 transistors for my tube sockets as well as other goodies.

Saturday, 5th October 2013 - 20:13:55

Tap Seat Void

Went around to all the sinks in the house and did maintenance, changed tap washers etc. The seat on this bathroom vanity is toast though. It has a massive void in it. I couldn't work out why it still didn't seal with a new washer. I could not get my finger in there flat to feel the seat but I could detect the void with my fingernail. The photo shows the void in the seat after a very light pass with the seat cutter. The initial pass was just to visually identify the void.

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