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Thursday, 23rd February 2006


I haven't blogged for ages! Lots of crap happening at work.

Not much happening. Just the usuall work, sleep, get up, work, sleep, get up...

Josh dropped into work the other day, which was awesome because I needed cheering up after the shitfight I was left with by the weekend crew.

Check this out: 

Even for the crazy world of quantum mechanics, this one is twisted. A quantum computer program has produced an answer without actually running.

Wow, that's just amazing and scary at the same time. I hope none of the scientists implode their brains messing with that type of thing =) Incredible! 

Friday, 10th February 2006

Yay. Work. I'm moving the store around once again! Fun.

Wednesday, 08th February 2006


Day Off.

Bubby Checkup. 

Tuesday, 07th February 2006




I'm currently working on a PIC programmer. I have it 90% assembled. I bought a clear topped box to mount it in. I am drawing it now in Inventor to decide how I am going to mount the ZIF socket in the lid of the box. Currently I am drawing the ZIF socket it's self. It's a 3 layer device, the centre layer slides between the top and bottom layers along it's length, actuated by a small lever with a cam on it. This action opens and closes small V shaped contacts that when closed make contact with the legs of the device mounted in it. It's proving a tricky task to draw it with only a rule to measure it with. I can't wait to get my verniers. I think where I have placed the top screws to hold the top on are incorrectly measured. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion. I know for a fact though, the bottom layer is wrong with respect to the raised area on the other side of the cam end. I will have to check it! Pictures later when I can do screen exports more than 800x600 Thumbs Down!

Friday, 03rd February 2006

Stocktake is done, I still feel shit and $2k of shit is missing. Not impressed. Area manager coming today. Very, very tired! Wired

Wednesday, 01st February 2006


'Tis the dawn of Stockake.

Well I'm in for a fun packed, counting stuffed, number filled, keyboard entering Day! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!~~~!1111

Did you detect the sarcasm?? because it was there, lots of it. Also note the time.

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