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Friday 7th December 2007 - 10:42:41

Got the day off! And rightly so after working from 8:30 in the morning to 9 at night one of the days last week! Been having a number of PC problems. Game crashes, lockups, freezes. It's mainly my power supply I'd say. I need a replacement. The air coming out of it is very warm, perhaps it's overloaded - but that would mean it's not performing to spec; it's well over-powered (to spec) for what I have in this box. I added some more fans to the case and we'll see how it goes. All of the hot CPU air was exiting the case via the power supply which I guess wasn't helping the situation. I decided, in case it's not a power supply problem, to scan. Found a bloody root kit. How that got in there I don't know. Maybe it was inadvertently downloaded by another user (no names). The virus scanner didn't get it either. I also noticed this "sus" icon in the alt-tab list that has no title. That wasn't, however; a threat. It was the windows nicety that is called "Windows Image Worker" some stupid M$ service that belongs to IE7 (which isn't installed yet?!) besides which, why does a service need to be in the task-list anyway?! It doesn't have a window to "switch to" so why... it boggles the mind and trying to determine the thought process behind it will just hurt my brain... Anyway, until I start using IE7 (which is never) it's set to disabled. So many svchost.exe instances that do lots of different things, unless you have a tool like process explorer you can't tell which instance is doing what. Hows a normal user supposed to work out what the hell this icon was?! The only reason windows is on the box, is because I need it to play games on. The second they port the games I want to Linux; BAM! It'll be wiped. I'd take pleasure in completely removing the partition from the drive and re-creating it in Linux. Just to be sure. Supporting Windows for clients has been very draining of late. It's just painful. Last week was good. I finished off a project to replace a Win2k server with a Linux box that does the lot. It's just a pain in the bum, there's one last printer on the server that is directly connected to the LPT port. Of course, sharing this printer with machines that aren't part of the domain (any more) is a pain in the butt. The client machines keep forgetting their authentication details on the domain (as they aren't part of it - you connect to the server as administrator or something so you can connect the printer). Even though the printer has permission for everyone to access, the clients still need to authenticate on the domain to connect to it. I'm going to stick it on a client machine and be done with it. It's just a pain in the arse re-adding the printer on each machine each time they restart. The grass at the back looks like a miniature African grass plain. It's up to about 1ft at the back. I ran out of petrol last weekend when I was mowing, I got most of it done except this back part.

One line Seach and Destroy


Find and remove in one line. HTML files for example. This prevents bash (or the rm it calls) from bailing when it finds a file with a space in it.

find -type f -name "*.ht*" | while read file; do rm "$file"; done

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