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Database Driven!


I have been very busy coding and now the website is now entirely database driven. All I have to do now is create some pretty admin/maintenance pages so I dont have to go to the SQL shell every time I want to post news! Menus and content are controlled by the database! Sweeet =) Registered!

Well it''s all go here. is registered and live! It will of course take 24-72h to propogate but probably less as we control our own DNS. now has SOA and A records installed and we''re off!


The real website will be going up soon so this will be moving. This current site is just a test/burn in to iron out server bugs. I havent picked a domain yet so we will see what happens with that! Wraith Dragon Media is a web-development company. The new site will detail the business and its product/service offerings.')

It Begins!


ZBox is now live and can actually stay live. Its now not too noisy to leave on at night. is live! See this mod I did to fix the noise problems.'

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