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Wednesday, 8th February 2017 - 11:43:08


Fabricated some brackets to hold the PIR sensors.

Monday, 20th June 2016 - 11:38:01

Baby 200kW load bank

Toured the DC facilities today. We walked past one of the "smaller" load banks at 200kW.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016 - 12:18:48

PIR with Pullup Resistor Fitted

Having some fun with some PIRs for lighting. I'm using CAT-5 flex. The sensors are daisy chained allowing for six sensors per run.

Monday, 4th April 2016 - 18:00:10


Running a bunch of aqua noodles at the DC =)

Tuesday, 9th February 2016 - 09:54:04


LED Lighting control box mounted and installed.

Sunday, 7th February 2016 - 10:08:15


Drilling and tapping the insert board for the control box for mounting DIN rails and ducts.

Monday, 25th January 2016 - 07:36:15


Alternate power supply box design.

Sunday, 17th January 2016 - 15:16:17


Installed the last parts of the fiber duct today.