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Monday 7th April 2011 - 21:26:35


The new CRO (er, DSO) is great! I am using it while I design a circuit to help promote our range of 12V hallogen replacement LED downlights. They look damn boring in white boxes. My idea is to have a strip of aluminium angle with 10 MR16 porcelain sockets fitted to it. Each lamp will have it's own transistor to turn it on, mounted next to the socket on the strip. The circuit will serve as a test bed for new lamps that we get. It will have a PWM based dimmer and a voltage control. Each down light will be lit for a second or two (adjustable) and then the one after, down the line.

This should add some interactivity for customers, as well as some animation to catch the eye. I think having all of them lit at once would not only be blinding, but just as boring as white boxes.

So far my design is going to incorporate two 555s, an LM350 and a handfull of 8A transistors in TO220s. To do the stepping between globes I am going to use a 4017 decade counter.

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