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Monday 2nd May 2011 - 22:54:43


Lots of work on my site today. Cleaned up a lot of old PHP crap, primarily deprecated functions.

I found earlier today that I could not log into my sites admin page. This is because it displays an event log when you log in - which should be fine right? The problem was, not having logged in for ages, that there was a substantial (15,880,000+, 3.8GB) of database table that the poor admin page had to join the user table against! Oops. All of these messages were about PHP deprecation. I must have been crawled by google or something, most of the problems were in my galley. There are over 2000 images in there, each image and gallery generating multiple warnings. So, after lots of careful ereg() and eregi() and split() replacements it's all good.

diff Saves the Day!


A customer had changed their code before it was under version control. So, it was different to the snapshot of it that I had.

This nifty command saved me

Skips all the ".svn is only in svn/blah/"

diff -r --brief current svn | grep -v "\.svn"