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Wednesday 1st June 2011 - 12:02:53


Got a few bits on clearance from Rockby. Large 7 segment LED modules and some SMD 5V relays. Cool.

Thursday 4th November 2010 - 21:41:15


I have just put my first order into Mouser. Most of the TG board is based around what I can get from Electus and Mouser. I also got a few extra bits to play with.

I am building a dummy load based on Dave Jones' design from EEVBlog, so I need a 10 turn 50K linear pot.

Other goodies:

  • 20 and 24 meg crystals for my new pic 18f2550
  • A few SMD USB mini-B connectors to evaluate
  • 0.1R 25W aluminium clad resistor