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Saturday, 14th July 2018 - 15:51:50

6 Racks of Ribs on the BBQ

6 racks of ribs on the BBQ =) This time I cheated with the rubs rather than making my own usual recipe. McCormick Tenesee Smokehouse and Slown & Low Texas rubs.

Sunday, 8th July 2018 - 18:15:51


For the first time I blew up an ESP8266. Which is difficult to do, they are pretty robust. This one is kaput though =/

Sunday, 8th July 2018 - 14:16:43


The remote lock/unlock for the car has these weird surface mount buttons on them. They have a rubber plunger and they are not tactile. These needed replacing because they started to fail. I took a gamble on some surface mount tactile switches from ebay (a few bucks for like 20). They fitted well and give you a much more obvious click feeling when you press.

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