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Tuesday, 23rd May 2006


Little Liam is doing great, although sometimes he smells like hand cleaner when he spits out some of the gripe water. (Gripe water is stuff that smells and tastes terrible, but it's for helping babies with gas). He now settles a lot easier, though he puts up a fight when it's time to have some gripe water (once a day). It's odd stuff, smells like hand cleaner.

Fixed my headphones, for hopefully the last time. The speakers inside each of the headphone sides had come a little loose. In the left the sound was poor, the small speaker was unclipped completely and floating around inside the earphone enclosure. The right was only slightly loose, but rattled when low-frequency sounds came through that channel. They are pretty solid now. I just melted the clips and surrounds a little with the soldering iron to fuse the plastic speaker body to the body of the earphone. Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up! 

Friday, 19th May 2006


Not much blogging done!

Little Liam is doing great. He is slowly getting into a sleeping pattern that allows his parents to sleep too! Thumbs Up!

I want to get him some new bub clothing:
Level 1 Human, 0 Experience
Hello World
Baby Tux

I am currently on holidays but work sucks. My offsider quit. Little-G is stepping on up now. Add to that a looming stocktake upon my return. What an awesome return to work. 4 weeks off then a gorram stocktake! Fun.

It's Little Liam!


Liam Michael 3.785Kg (8lb 4oz) 36cm Head (14") 50cm Long (19.5")

1:45PM 6th May 2006

Liam Michael

Bubby wants to see the world

It's 3AM and bubby has decided it wants out!

Monday, 01st May 2006


Another day of no baby arivals. There were a lot of false contractions today but no really painful or lasting ones.

Monolith01 got knocked up another notch. BAM! Dual P3 1GHz, 1GB RAM. That leaves Monolith02 with Dual P3 733s and 768MB of RAM. Bits left over makes a Monolith03! Dual P3 667 and 128MB of RAM. 

Monday, 01st May 2006

Ah well! The bub didn't come on it's due date. It looks like it's happy where it is and it's going to be late! We are now +2 days Frown

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