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Friday, 27th October 2006


I've just finished a late night cleaning binge. Now I can relax for the whole weekend!

This week has gone so fast!  

Sunday, 15th October 2006


Had great fun on Sunday. I went over to Josh's house with plans of LAN/AD&D games. Well, in true LAN style - computers wouldn't talk, games wouldn't run and things just didn't generally work.

We finally sorted out a game or two of Counterstrike 1.6. The REAL counterstrike for all those "hardcore" CS fans =) Before it "went source" - I find that funny. A good game anyway. We had consumed copious amounts of Tooeys Old at this point. 6 Longnecks at this point - it was the best game of CS I've played for years. So much fun.

There is a funny story attached to that - the mouse. I normally carry a full kit of "crap", as Kel calls it, in my bag that will allow me to connect to almost everything with my Laptop. I've got serial-usb converters, Cisco Console cables, screwdrivers, box of computer screws, standoffs and thermal paste. I normally have in that kit a USB mouse, USB-PS2 Converter and a PS2-USB converter for good measure. In this case I had no mouse and no PS2-USB converter - so, without a mouse, we looked at some of Josh's, which were all PS2. Not giving up at this point, I set up CS to use the touch pad and to use the e and r keys for primary and secondary fire. This was a pretty good combination I found. I was pretty happy with myself. I did score a couple of head shots. I even managed to wipe Josh once! We then teamed up on the Counter-Terrorist side and kicked some ass. I found I did best with Josh covering me and sitting back with the SIG Scout (7.62 NATO, Scoped, Bolt Action) and picking off Terrorists.

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