Here are some details about some of my projects. I have recorded random thoughts, status, features and brief descriptions.

To Build

Bathroom Night Light

Turning on the bathroom light at night wakes others with bedrooms on the hallway. I decided to make a lower light device to illuminate the bathroom.

Magnetic Stir Plate

Yeast will do it's job without agitation, however, agitation and introduction of air into solution help yeast grow and multiply more rapidly.

Dummy Load

I want something to load test power supplies up to 50W. This also includes using the unit at work to test that wall warts and power supplies we import are up to claimed specs.

1 for 4 Trigger

This circuit is designed to exhibit XOR behavior to trigger sound modules. The sound modules "playing" status LED is hijacked as an interrupt so that no more sounds can be triggered until playback is finished. They were supposed to be used in an interactive display.

10 Way LED Lamp Demo Strip (Completed)

This circuit is designed as an interactive demonstation (and test bed) for LED downlights which we import at work. The display will cycle through 10 MR16 sockets fitted with each model of downlight attracting attention. The customer can stop the cycle and dim the downlights (via voltage or PWM) and can also manually advance the sequence to select a particular downlight. Having both PWM and voltage dimming allows us to evaluate the downlights performance and compatibility with existing (halogen) installations.

Ferment Controller

TG Watchdog

The TG watchdog has been designed to be a versatile IO device allowing a PC to interact with the real world. The primary use for the TG watchdog is looking after routers. The TG watchdog is put inline with the routers power supply and can use this as a power source.


Video Distribution Amp

I built this amp from a Dick Smith kit for the TV display at work (Dick Smith at the Time). The DVD players and set top boxes don't have the guts to drive more than a few screens through standard RCA splitters.


433 Meg Wireless Stuff

OWFS (One Wire File System)


Needs the following so you can use owfs and owpython:

1 Wire Serial Interface


1 Wire Stuff

Nixie Tubes


Nixie tube stuff - very interesting.

Nixie Tube Pad Generator for Eagle

Serial IO



PIC Stuff

Built my own take on this one it's great.

PICC with Piklab