Tuesday, 07th March 2006


A definite lack of blog. I haven't really done anything exciting lately.

Last weekend consisted of sleeping, watching DVDs and organising Bubby's Bedroom. I took apart the bed in there, now it's in pieces... Yay. Now there's just the stuff that was under the bed. A collection of cardboard tubes containing posters from various things, some containing heat shrink. Then there is the collection of red and coloured boxes containing Christmas lights. I bought a whole heap while they were on the way out at Tandy, multiples of each for spares. I have needed some of the spare globes and one of the transformers so far. There's also the treadmill on its end leaning on the wall. I will have to disassemble and stow that somewhere. Then there is that Buzz Aldrin walking machine thingy of Kel's, for "no impact" exercise, the one that you can lean forward and back and stuff. That’s already in bits.

In other "news", I picked up Neverwinter Nights again out of boredom, I just happened to locate the dungeon that was holding me up. I dropped the game about 6 months ago because I was wandering and wandering and wandering and wandering around with nothing to fight and no quests to do! I killed it all and finished all the quests I could! I had missed a dungeon (the one I found) which was a turning point in the story leading to other quests and new areas. So, now I am back in business. My Rogue, Zagadka, is tricked out with all manner of magical equipment! He even has a Keen Dagger that has a stun effect, it works well on heavy damaging mobs and shuts them down for a while, so you take less damage and give more damage to them un-hindered. It’s pretty funny to see a rogue open up on a giant with a 40 and then a 60 with the sword of swiftness and the dagger when dual wielding, this does nasty things, 100 points of damage in the opening round. Usually it splatters them.

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