Saturday 1st October 2011 - 09:14:38


Grass! It's like the day of the Triffids here. I couldn't mow last weekend because it rained. I've been thinking more and more about a project to use servos. I think a small lawnmower engine PID with throttle on a servo would be cool which regulated the revs. Later, a full RC mower.

I've got to finish off the door counter (which I mentioned as finished in an earlier blog). The counter hardware it's self is finished, but I need to write software for the linux box and I also need to make TX/RX arrangement to send the door clicks to the counter. The original plan was to have the whole unit next to the door and run a long serial cable. I've sinced decided that we're going to use some 315MHz TX and RX modules from work which means I need to make an monostable oscillator to extend the pulses long enough to make it through the RX and TX modules - if they are too short, they don't register at all. I am thinking at least 100ms.

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