Saturday, 30th March 2013 - 23:36:14


Did well today - major cleanup in the yard. All this rain and sunshine has made the grass go wild. It's now under control.

Today after lots of collecting and eBaying I have 3 systems ready to go for a VMWare Lab. I've got two ESXi nodes and an NFS/iSCSI server.

I've started with openfiler, but it does not seem to like a partition > 2TB. It keeps shitting it's self for some reason. I'm on my 3rd reinstall so far, it refuses to make a PV out of the remaining 2T of unpartitioned space on the disk, even after I manually partitioned the disk during install.

It's pulling about 700W idle at the moment, so with the power consumption and the noise, they are not staying on!

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