Thursday, 20th March 2014 - 14:35:43


A roof space adventure! I had to get into the ceiling to investigate a noise we were hearing, which sounded like it was coming from in the ceiling. Of course this noise is intermittant and did not occur after all the effort of getting into the roof. I had to cut a piece of pine to fit across the bath tub to hold the ladder up under the manhole. It's in a really stupid spot (see photos). During the investigation I also discovered another reason why the airconditioning performs so poorly in this house. It appears that rather than getting a new AC plant when the house was extended, the owners simply bodged on another duct. I mean bodged, The main outlet to the airco is a trapezium shape with two ducts coming out like normal. They have just cut a hole in the top face and bodged another outlet on - the cutout is still sitting on top of the unit. I may modify this later, it's crap, you have to run every outlet all the time, there is no day/night modes to switch between bedrooms and living areas. I also discovered that there is a massive water heater in the ceiling too.

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