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I'm gathering as much info as I can and have been following The Home Brew thread over at OCAU and have also been reading a lot of AHB Forums.

The problem for me at the moment is there are so many forum posts, online methods and recipes that it's hard (for a beginner) to combine all of this knowledge into a basic method that suites my setup and situation. Plus there is a lot of variation on technique depending on who you ask! Once I've consolidated and practised enough methods I will settle on my own variation.

I'm also recording my recipes and recipes that I've found as well as details on ingredients and equipment that might be handy.

Update 2011:

I've also learned that it's pretty hard to really bugger up brewing (not including not being clean - this will destroy your beer) - sure it won't be right or you may introduce off flavors by missing rests or not hitting mash targets, but you will have beer at the end of it.

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